SSA publishes proposed revisions to the Immune System Listings, 71 Fed. Reg. 44431 (8/4/06)


Published at 71 Fed. Reg. 44431 (8/4/06). Comments due by 10/2/06. Available at Affected are the Immune System Disorders Listing, 20 CFR Pt. 404 Subpart P Rules 14.00 and 114.00. The immune system listings, including the HIV/AIDS portions, were first published in 1993 (58 Fed. Reg. 36008 et seq.). SSA added inflammatory arthritis in Rules 14.09 /114.09 and relevant introductory text at 14.00 B. 6. / 114.00 E. in November, 2001, and published and technical corrections to the listings in February 2002. The current version of the listings is valid until July 2, 2007. SSA took comments on the immune system listings through the publication of an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking at 68 Fed. Reg. 24896 (5/9/03). SSA also hosted policy conferences in late 2003 and early 2004 to take comment and suggestions from consumers, family members, doctors and other progessionals who work with people with immune system disorders. SSA anticipates that the final publication of the immune system listings, after the notice and comment period and after consideration of the comments, will be in place for 8 years.Note that SSA restates the general rule for CDRs: that SSA will use the old listing for CDR medical improvement reviews for those approved under the old listing.

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