SNAP-- Policy Household Member's Name Differs from the Name Contained on the Income Statement Used to Verify Income


Attached is an 11/13/08 memo from Art Foley of USDA instructing the mid-Atlantic region (and rest of the country) that they should accept as verification of income the paystubs of an immigrant working under the name and SSN of another individual. USDA instructs states that income verification used to verify income need not match with documents used to verify identity, and that if a household has a reasonable explanation for the discrepancy in the workers name on the earnings records, the verification and that explanation should be accepted. USDA further instructs that states should not report or disclose the fact of a name and SSN of another being used by another to anyone outside of the state agency (e.g. law enforcement or immigration). This is terrific guidance and hopefully will address those few situations where households have earnings but are reluctant to report the information.

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