SNAP Outreach Materials for Low-Income Massachusetts Veterans


Below are four fliers you can use in your SNAP outreach with low income veterans, dependents and families of military service members. SNAP is an important nutrition benefit for all low-income residents, but veterans and military service families may be reluctant to apply. 

On 11/9/18, the Department of Transitional Assistance and Department of Veterans Services announced a major initiative to enroll even more low income veterans in SNAP benefits in 2019!  See DTA/DVS outreach initiatve here:

Did you know? 

  • Over 368K veterans reside in Massachusetts.  See also National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics. Table 6L    
  • Two-thirds of Massachusetts veterans are age 60 or older. Nat Center, Table 6L. 
  • Almost 6% of veterans live below the federal poverty level. Massachusetts.  See also US Census, 2016 ACS 1-year data, Table B21007.  Note, this does not include veterans between 100% and 200% FPL, many of whom are also SNAP eligible. 
  • 7% of veterans from the state (approximately 24K) received SNAP between 2015 and 2017. See CBPP, SNAP Helps Almost 1.4 Million Low-Income Veterans, Including Thousands in Every State. 11/8/2018 

Special thanks to Hunger Solutions New York for allowing MLRI to model our fliers on their SNAP outreach materials. 

And here's a terrific brochure on Chapter 115 Veterans Services (cash assistance) benefits  (updated August 2018) for Masschusetts veterans, produced by the Veterans Legal Clinic of Harvard Law School. Yes, Massachusetts is one of the only states that has a special needs-based cash (and medical) assistance program for eligible veterans. Check it out!