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SNAP Eligibility Rules/Rights for College Students


College students struggling with tuition costs and shrinking financial aid may be eligible for SNAP benefits. A recent report by the Wisconsin Hope Lab underscores the growing food insecurity among 2 and 4 year public college students, as reported in the Boston Globe on May 11, 2018.

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MLRI's SNAP student FAQs and Fliers:

DTA Forms to verify student status and financial aid:

Current DTA policy guidance re college students:

  • DTA's Online Guide page on student eligibility (this is the policy DTA SNAP workers often refer to)
  • DTA's August 2017 Online Guide Transmittal expanding SNAP college student eligibility to recipients of MASS Grant financial aid, and that Quincy College students can qualify in the same way as 2 -year community college student. 
  • DTA's Operations Bulletin 2018-2 (3/27/18) which allows students to self-declare how much financial aid is available for basic living expenses if the student runs into problems gettingi the financial aid office to fill out DTA's EDUC-1 form. The self-dec should be submitted with the student's financial aid award letter (which most students can download).  See NASFAA 9/13/17 guidance relaying this US DOE restriction on sharing student financial aid information.

Archived DTA guidance regarding college students:

  • DTA's June 2010 Field Ops memo 2010-28 about SNAP benefits for community college students (note that the verification form attached to this memo is out of date; a link to the current form is above).
  • DTA's June 2014 Hotline Q & A on SNAP benefits for college students who come home for the summer.
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