SNAP and the Dependent Care (Child Care) Deduction

  • Households can self-declare their child care or adult dependent care costs, unless the information provided by the household is questionable. This can be done on the SNAP application form, on a separate signed and dated statement, or over the phone with DTA. 
  • Types of dependent care costs allowed:  See the SNAP Advocacy Guide 
  • Care for both children and adults allowed:  The dependent care deduction is not limited to preschool children. Households can deduct the costs of supervision for older children (e.g. an afterschool program at the YMCA) or the care needed for an elderly or disabled family member - as long as the care is needed in order for the household member to go to work, look for work, or do an education or training program.
  • No cap on dependent care expenses:  Households with child care or adult care expenses can claim 100% of their dependent care costs. However, DTA will ask for verification if the information appears questionable. 
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