Skimming theft - replacement & protect SNAP, reminder re Assistance Line


Two timely updates below. 

Benefit theft: How to get replacement and protect SNAP 

There has been a recent uptick in skimming theft. For example, see this recent media piece from Western MA. 

DTA has posted alerts that households in some areas of the state have had their benefits stolen. Here is what to know:

  1. DTA should replace all of the SNAP or cash that was stolen. To do a claim for replacement, visit DTA’s FAQ here.  DTA should strive to replace stolen benefits within 5 business days from getting the household’s signature - but if there is a higher than usual number of claims filed it may take more time. Please let us know what you are seeing
  2. Households should change their PIN often! The best way to protect SNAP from skimming theft is by changing the PIN every after purchase. We know this is extremely hard for most people to do - and encourage changing it before each monthly issuance at the least.

MLRI also has information and resources on SNAP benefit theft and replacement here.  

Resource: What to do when you can’t get through the Assistance Line

MLRI has created this 1 page resource with different ways to try to get help when you can’t get through to a DTA worker. Please share with your networks.