Sample MassHealth Renewal-Related Notices

Office of Medicaid

In 2015, the Office of Medicaid began renewing MassHealth eligibility for 1.2 million members under age 65 who are subject to the new MAGI methodology and have not had their eligibility renewed since October 2013. The first wave of 500,000 members have already been notified to submit a new application by deadlines in March. For those who missed their deadline, it's not too late for them to be reinstated retroactively to the date their benefits ended in March or April and, if they reapply by June 30, 2015, and remain eligible, to avoid a break in coverage. Attached are sample notices that MassHealth is using in the renwal process consisting of:

1. A notice of the deadline to reapply to remain eligible for MassHealth (Renewal cover letter)

2. A notice acknowledging receipt of a reapplication (Renewal application received notice)

3. A notice terminating MassHealth for failure to submit a reapplication (Renewal closing notice)

4. A notice reinstating benefits retroactive to the closing date until June 30, 2015 based on receipt of information that the person has scheduled an appointment to reapply

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Renewal CoverLetter RN-MA21.pdf (432.6 KB) 432.6 KB
Renewal MA21 Application Received Notice-Final.pdf (545.08 KB) 545.08 KB
Renewal closing notice.pdf (86.63 KB) 86.63 KB
Notice of Reinstatement to June 30.pdf (275.38 KB) 275.38 KB