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Rights of Massachusetts Individuals with a Representative Payee

Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee

Click the "Go to Website" link below to download an overview which includes the following information about SSI, SSDI and representative payees:

  • What is a representative payee?
  • When does the Social Security Administration appoint a representative payee?
  • How is a representative payee selected?
  • Is there an order of preference for selecting who will serve as the representative payee?
  • Who may not serve as a representative payee?
  • Will the Social Security Administration interview representative payee applicants before making an appointment?
  • What are the duties of a representative payee?
  • How does your representative payee account for the use of benefits?
  • Who is liable if your representative payee misuses your benefits?
  • Issues when institutions serve as representative payees
  • How does one object to the appointment of a representative payee?
  • How does one change a representative payee?
  • How does one remove a representative payee?
  • Can one voluntarily ask for a representative payee even if one’s doctor does not think it is necessary?
  • How does one challenge a decision made by a representative payee who refuses to increase payments according to the wishes of a beneficiary?
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