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Q & A on Training Opportunities (and continued UI benefits) for UI Claimants (Section 30 Training)

Monica Halas, GBLS

Here is a way to help your client obtain additional unemployment benefits.

As a result of a recent GBLS Employment Unit lawsuit, DUA has agreed that, during the period that federal extended benefits are being paid (i.e until December 31, 2013), it will not enforce the deadline for applying for an additional extension of up to 26 weeks to participate in training (the deadline is usually 15 weeks after UI benefits begin).   As a result, people who received unemployment benefits at any time since July 2008 and who are currently unemployed may be eligible for these extended benefits while participating in training approved by the unemployment agency.  This can be an excellent way to help some clients receive additional unemployment benefits while they are pursuing training that will assist with their job hunt.  Please note that stand-alone ESOL classes can also be approved. 

Feel free to contact the unit's UI team (Elba Aviles, ext. 1713, Brian Flynn, ext. 1629, or Monica Halas, ext. 1666) for more information. 

The attached flyer has more information.  Also consult the UI Advocacy Guide, Question 54 and Appendix F.  

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