Public Health Emergency Update

Federal officials promised the states at least 60 days advance notice of the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. There was no such notice that the most recent 90-day extension of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency  through Jan 11, 2023 will be the last.  During the COVID-19 PHE, people enrolled in Medicaid (MassHealth) remain protected from loss of coverage even if they are no longer eligible, federal support for COVID-19 vaccines remains in place, and the state continues to receive enhanced federal matching funds on its total Medicaid spending..  
Does this mean the PHE will be extended for another 90 days to mid April 2023? Maybe, but this is what HHS said in the past about the duration of a PHE.
  8. How long does a PHE declaration last? 
A PHE declaration lasts until the Secretary declares that the PHE no longer exists or upon the expiration of the 90-day period beginning on the date the Secretary declared a PHE exists, whichever occurs first. The Secretary may extend the PHE declaration for subsequent 90-day periods for as long as the PHE continues to exist, and may terminate the declaration whenever he determines that the PHE has ceased to exist.