Prescription Advantage Rate Schedule Guide

Prescription Advantage

Prescription Advantage rate schedule guide for members eligible for Medicare and for members not eligible for Medicare.

The latest rate schedule guide, linked below, is effective April 1, 2015.  Previous rate schedule guides are attached to this post.

Attachment Size
Jan 2015 Rate Sheet.pdf (122.48 KB) 122.48 KB
Jan 2014 Rate Sheet FINAL Word.pdf (81.25 KB) 81.25 KB
April 2012 Rate Sheet_1.pdf (185.12 KB) 185.12 KB
PA.Jan 2012-rate-schedule-guide.pdf (186.6 KB) 186.6 KB
April 11 Rate Schedule FINAL 2.10.11_1.pdf (86.91 KB) 86.91 KB
PA.Jan 2011 Rate Sheet FINAL 11-22-10_1.pdf (79.35 KB) 79.35 KB
PA.Jan 2010 Rate Schedule FINAL.pdf (90.56 KB) 90.56 KB