PPER Email 2015-23: Photo EBT Card


State law requires the use of photo identification on the front of each EBT card. The law makes exception to the Photo EBT requirement for cardholders who are:

  • age 18 and under
  • age 60 or over
  • blind
  • disabled; or
  • a victim of domestic violence

Clients identified as meeting one of these criteria are automatically granted an exception.

Non-applicant heads of household are not subject to the Photo EBT requirement. The following are non-applicants for purposes of the Photo EBT requirement:

For SNAP they include cardholders who are:

  • ineligible non-citizens

For TAFDC they include:

  • ineligible non-citizens
  • non-legally liable grantees; and
  • SSI clients

For EAEDC they include cardholders who are:

  • ineligible non-citizens; and
  • non-legally liable grantees
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