PPER Email 2014: H-EAT- Related Changes Effective with August 2014 BEACON Build


In preparation for the implementation of the revised H-EAT Program, this email explains changes effective with BEACON Build 46.4, scheduled for August 25, 2014. The changes include:

1. Two new housing types will be added to the Address page and to the paper SNAP application, recertification and other related forms:

  • Temporary housing, e.g., tent, car; and
  • College housing, e.g., dormitory, sorority or fraternity house.

2. The LIHEAP statement I, or someone in my SNAP household, got help with heating costs from a fuel assistance agency within the last 12 months will be removed from the paper applications and forms and will be grayed out on BEACON.

The addition of the housing types meets a Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) requirement. The removal and graying out of the LIHEAP statement precedes the Department’s match with DHCD to prefill LIHEAP periods. It is anticipated that the revised H-EAT Program will be implemented in September 2014, and a comprehensive Operations Memo will be issued at that time.

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