PPER Email 2014-08: Photo EBT Card Opt-In


Effective with BEACON Build 46.2, scheduled for March 17, 2014, EBT cardholders who are not required under Chapter 65 of the Acts of 2013 to have a Photo EBT card, but wish to have one, may be issued one by EBT clerk without seeing a case manager first.

Cardholders who are: 

  • age 18 and under;
  • age 60 or over;
  • blind;
  • disabled; or
  • a victim of domestic violence

are granted an exception under the law. Individuals who meet one of these criteria but who wish to have a Photo EBT card may Opt-In. EBT clerical staff will now have the user capability to edit the Override field to allow clients to Opt-In.

Photo Mandatory cardholders, who believe one of the Exception reasons applies to them or wishes to Opt-Out, must continue to be referred to their case manager.

See Operations Memos 2014-17 and 2014-18 for additional guidance.

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