PPER E-Mail 2015-24: Interpreter Services Procedures


Professional interpreters must be offered at no cost to clients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) to conduct Department business. All Department staff that interacts with the public must advise clients of the right to professional interpreter services and must provide interpreter services to clients whose primary language is not English.

The Department has three means of assisting clients with professional interpreter services:

  • bilingual case managers;
  • Human Services Assistants (HSAs); and
  • telephonic and contracted in-person language interpreter services.

Interpreter services must be offered to clients with LEP during all face-to-face and telephonic interactions.

An LEP client, either in person or by telephone, who intends to use their own adult interpreter, must be advised that DTA will provide a professional interpreter free of charge. After being so informed, the client may decline the use of professional interpreter services and choose to have the adult serve as interpreter.

Important: Children over age 12 may interpret only to schedule an appointment. Children age 12 and under must not be asked to interpret for any purpose.

For detailed information about interpreter service requirements and instructions for accessing and using interpretation services, including how to use the telephone interpreter line, see:

  • the Interpreter Services book in the Cross Programs section of the Online Guide;
  • the Interpreter Services chapter, located in the Services book in the EAEDC, SNAP and TAFDC sections of the Online Guide;
  • Using Interpreter Services Online Guide page, located here: Business Process Redesign -> Procedures -> Phone Procedures; and
  • the Interpreter Services Information section of Policy Online.
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