PHN 2018-12: Massachusetts Evacuee Transitional Assistance Reserve for Hurricane Maria Evacuees from Puerto Rico


As you are aware, the Commonwealth is working to ensure that the Hurricane Maria evacuees from Puerto Rico find permanent housing. We have been informed that an extension to FEMA transitional shelter assistance for all Hurricane Maria evacuees has been extended to August 6, 2018. To assist the evacuees, DHCD’s Division of Housing Stabilization (DHS) provides transitional funds to households affected by Hurricane Maria through the Massachusetts Evacuee Transitional Assistance Reserve (METAR).

METAR provides funds to families, individuals and couples, for up to a 12 month period to assist with moving expenses, rent, and first or last month rent or security deposit while households transition from shelter into more suitable housing. These funds are transitional support and cannot be used for rent in state-aided housing.

Any Hurricane Maria evacuee that is an applicant on your state-aided public housing waitlist or applies for state-aided public housing that is participating in the METAR program is to be considered to be Priority 1 (Displaced by Natural Forces). You are reminded that there is relevant information regarding the processing of applications from these applicants in Public Housing Notice 2017-23. Verification that a household is receiving these funds can be provided by the household through documentation from the Regional Non-Profit that is administering the METAR program.

We appreciate your efforts and thank you for your continued attention to housing the Hurricane Maria evacuees either through relaxed guest policies or permanent housing in your state-aided public housing.

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