• Establishing Paternity
    • The process of having a man legally declared the father of a child
  • M.G.L c. 209C Child Born Out of Wedlock / Paternity Law
    • A court case related to a child born to parents who have never been married to each other is called a “paternity” case or “Chapter 209C” case.
    • Paternity is automatically established if the parents are married when the child is born. The husband is the child’s legal father.

    • If the parents aren't married when the child is born, paternity needs to be established. If paternity is not established, the child doesn't have a legal father. This is true even if both parents are living together with the child.

  • The Probate and Family Court has the authority to enter orders for
    • custody,
    • vistation/parenting time
    • child support,
    • health insurance,
    • uninsured medical expenses, and 
    • other issues related to a child born outside of marriage.

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