Ops Memo 2014-58: TAFDC, EAEDC, and SNAP - Back-Scanning of Permanent Verification and Indexing of All Documents by Household Member


DTA Overview

In a continued effort to improve business processes, strengthen program integrity and improve client outcomes, DTA now scans and stores client documents digitally using Electronic Document Management (EDM) and DTA myWorkspace (MWS).  To make permanent documents readily available to staff and to avoid oververification, the Department has developed a system for back-scanning and storing permanent verifications currently stored in active SNAP case records. The Department is also simplifying the process for locating and viewing documents via MWS for all programs going forward.

Purpose of Memo

The purpose of this Operations Memo is to advise staff of the ongoing backscanning project and changes to the business process going forward. This Operations Memo will describe: 

  • the process to be used to identify and back-scan permanent verifications currently located in active SNAP paper case files; and 
  • revised TAO staff responsibilities for batching documents sent to the Electronic Document Management Center (effective September 1, 2014).



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