Ops Memo 2014-57: DOR Bank Match


The DOR Bank Match is run on a monthly basis and is one of the match groups appearing on the Match History tab. With BEACON Build 46.3 and the implementation of Program Integrity (PI) Checklist functionality, DOR Bank Match data began to appear as pending on the PI Checklist, and a hard edit was created, preventing caseworker actions on the Interview Wrapup page when matches identified on the PI Checklist are not dispositioned.

Purpose of Memo
This Operations Memo has been issued to advise staff of changes to the DOR Bank Match process as a result of implementation of the Program Integrity (PI) checklist functionality in BEACON and advises DTA staff about:

  • the Bank Match;
  • Fraud Investigation Data Match (FIDM) Unit’s processing of these matches; and
  • caseworker responsibilities.

Obsolete Memo
Operation Memo 2013-31: TAFDC, EAEDC and SNAP – DOR Bank Match is now obsolete.

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