Ops Memo 2014-55A: TAFDC – ESP/Work Program Requirement: BEACON Changes


BEACON Build 46.4 scheduled for August 25, 2014, contained changes to Employment Service Program (ESP)/Work Program Requirement forms and processes.

Purpose of Memo
This Operations Memo advises staff about the BEACON changes.

  • the Participation and Attendance (ESP-7) form (Attachment A) changes;
  • the Referral and Response (ESP-16-Cash) form (Attachment B) changes;
  • changes to the Hours Participated field in the TAFDC – Work Requirements page and in the Participation tab;
  • the reinstitution of the automated sanction process with a Mandatory Community Service Referral (Attachment C); and
  • limiting the length of the “Participation” Good Cause reason.

Obsolete Memo
Operations Memo 2014-55: TAFDC – ESP/Work Program Requirement: BEACON Changes is now obsolete. It is being reissued to make modifications to the ESP-7 form.

Attachment Size
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