Ops Memo 2014-35: Date of Discovery for Benefit Fraud/Overpayment Referrals


Whenever a case manager discovers that an overpayment of benefits in any of the Department’s programs has occurred, an Accounts Receivable (AR) fraud/overpayment referral must be created. When establishing the fraud/overpayment referral in BEACON, a date of discovery must be entered in the Known to the Department field on the AR Referral Folder page. The date of discovery is the date the overpayment has been verified or the date the household ultimately fails to respond to or satisfy an overpayment inquiry.

An accurate date of discovery is important because it starts the time clock for a claim.

Purpose of Memo
The purpose of this memo is to inform TAO staff about:

  • The importance of assigning an accurate date of discovery; and
  • where to find instructions on creating an overpayment referral.
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