Ops Memo 2014-33A: Electronic Document Management (EDM) Release 2.0 – Clarifications


Operations Memo 2014-33: Electronic Document Management (EDM) Release 2.0, issued April 24, 2014, advised staff about:

  • changes to document processing at the TAO and by fax and mail;
  • changes to DTA myWorkspace (MWS); and
  • the creation of a fax cover sheet for client documents.

The memo specified that all documents hand delivered to TAOs would be assigned either an Urgent or Non-Urgent status for purposes of routing to the DTA Document Processing Center at the Electronic Document Management Center (EDMC). Based upon feedback received, the definition of what constitutes an Urgent document has been expanded. As a number of questions have been raised relating to the preparation of hand delivered documents for routing to the EDMC, a clarification of document preparation has been included as well.

Purpose of Memo
The purpose of this memo is to inform DTA staff about changes to business processes, DTA myWorkspace and notices in EDM Release 2.0. This Operations Memo is being issued to:

  • define which documents are considered Urgent;
  • clarify the preparation of documents received at the TAO prior to routing to the EDMC;
  • advise DTA staff about a change to the DTA Document Cover Sheet; and
  • place all information about EDM Release 2.0 in one operations memo.

Obsolete Memo
Operations Memo 2014-33: Electronic Document Management (EDM) Release 2.0 is now obsolete.

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