Ops Memo 2014-33: Electronic Document Management (EDM) Release 2.0 OBSOLETE


Obsoleted by Ops Memo 2014-33A (June 19, 2014).

MLRI information:  Below is DTA's descripion of Phase II of the new DTA Electronic Document Management (EDM) process, including a new fax option. Advocates are optimistic that this EDM project will improve collection and tracking of client documents, and reduce the chronic loss of documents because DTA workers have so many cases limited clerifical help. However, the DTA memo also states it is eliminating "drop boxes" at local DTA offices to encourage clients to mail or fax documents to Taunton EDM.  

IMPORTANT:  Federal SNAP law requires that DTA accept documents hand delivered to local DTA offices. 7 CFR 273.2(f)(5).  DTA clients have the right to mail, fax or hand deliver documents. We have recently heard from some clients and local helping agencies that DTA clients were turned away and sent to a U.S. post office with a pre-addressed Taunton EDM envelope to mail their documents and are following up on these incidents. While DTA can encourage clients to mail documents, any person who comes to a DTA office in person has the absolute right to hand-deliver their documents to DTA, even if not in an "urgent" situation. Clients may wish to get their documents date-stamped the day the show up and/or have DTA make photo copies if they wish to keep the original (for example, wage stubs, statements from employers, rent receipts or any other document).  Please track any problems with the EDM policy at local DTA offices. 

DTA Overview (from cover page of Operations Memo 2014-33)
Beginning April 28, 2014, DTA will implement Electronic Document Management (EDM) Release 2.0. There are three components in this release. The first component affects the way clients deliver documents at TAOs.

Clients will no longer use drop boxes located at the TAOs to deliver documents. Instead, they will be strongly encouraged to mail or fax documents to the EOHHS Electronic Document Management Center (EDMC) in Taunton. Documents that are still received at TAOs will either be processed on site or sent to EDMC for scanning. This component will be phased in over a period of four weeks beginning April 28, 2014 and ending May 30, 2014.  The second component of the Release consists of changes to DTA myWorkspace (MWS). This component will take effect on April 28, 2014.  The third component consists of the creation of a cover sheet to support faxing of client documents on April 28, 2014 and changes to notices effective May 5, 2014.


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