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Ops Memo 2014-30: SNAP: Fault Determination, Proration and Reinstatement for Delayed Applications, Recertifications and Case Maintenance Activities


This Operations Memo updates Department procedures related to the delayed processing of applications, recertifications and case maintenance activities. When a case is denied or closed and the client returns to the agency seeking benefits within 30 days of the denial or closing, the Department is required to determine the cause of delay in processing and attribute fault either to the Department or to the client.

When the cause of delay is attributed to the Department and the client is otherwise eligible, SNAP benefits must be approved retroactive to the date of application or to the day after the closing date, in the case of a recertification or case maintenance activity. When the cause of delay is attributed to the household and the client is otherwise eligible, SNAP benefits must be prorated from the date the household provides the last missing mandatory verification.

Purpose of Memo
This memo:

  • explains how fault is determined and outlines the automation of fault at:
    • application;
    • recertification;
    • case maintenance – Interim Reports (IR);
  • discusses overriding a fault determination;
  • transmits new and revised reports for application, recertification and interim report processing delays to be used by TAO staff and Central Office Management;
  • introduces the BEACON-generated Pending Denial Notice;
  • issues procedures for special processing for automated match process when a case is within an application, recertification or IR mode; and
  • informs staff when to use reinstatement to reopen a case after denial or closing.


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