Ops Memo 2014-28: Changes to Photo EBT Card Procedures


Chapter 65 of the Acts of 2013 requires that certain EBT cardholders be issued EBT cards with photographic images. Operations Memo 2013-55 advised DTA staff about this change as well as about a mailing made to all clients impacted by this change.

Operations Memo 2013-57A outlined the systems changes and automations effective with BEACON Build 45.9, which took place November 25, 2013 and:

  • advised staff about the Photo EBT card requirement and exceptions to the requirement;
  • explained the types of photos available in BEACON;
  • advised staff of their responsibilities; and
  • provided procedures for cardholders with an exception to the photo EBT card requirement.

Operations Memo 2013-57A also detailed the requirements and procedures for Photo and non-Photo EBT card issuance and clarified instructions in the “Photo EBT Cards Automated EBT Appointments” and “Photo EBT Requirement” sections.

This Operations Memo clarifies Photo EBT procedures based on clarifications for non-applicants.

Purpose of Memo             
Operations Memo 2014-17 was issued to give new guidance relative to photo Mandatory cardholders provided temporary identification numbers (found in BEACON’s Social Security Number (SSN) field). This Operations Memo is being reissued to advise staff of additional changes relative to the Photo EBT requirement.
BEACON enhancements were implemented in March to support the expansion of an exception for certain heads of household from the Photo EBT requirement.

Effective with BEACON Build 46.3, scheduled for June 16, 2014, photo images that were taken at a TAO for non-applicants were eliminated with the Batch Job of June 3, 2014. Photo images for these clients will no longer be retained by the Department.

Note: Photos identified as DTA Photo in BEACON have been eliminated. These are photos that were taken at a TAO, or were acquired from RMV, passed the 5 point  match, and were identified as a DTA Photo. The original RMV Photo has not been eliminated.

This Operations Memo:

  • describes the expansion of the categories of cardholders who are not subject to the Photo EBT requirement and ineligible for a Photo EBT card;
  • explains that certain photos in BEACON for non-applicants will be eliminated from BEACON as well as systems edits that will prevent the future photographing of these clients; and
  • advises staff of BEACON changes to support these changes.

Functionality and substantive changes can be found on pages: 3, 5, 9, 11, 12 and 16 (Sections: Photo EBT Requirement, Types of Photos, Photo EBT Cards, BEACON Changes and Photo EBT Requirement).

Obsolete Memo
Operations Memo 2014-17, TAFDC, EAEDC and SNAP: Photo EBT Card Procedures is now obsolete.

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