Ops Memo 2014-25: TAFDC: Work Program Sanction Edits


A Single State Audit review found that some TAFDC cases that were not complying with the work program requirements failed to be sanctioned in accordance with Department regulations. This was due, in part, to sanctions not being removed correctly from all required pages. This prevented the automated sanction process from functioning as intended. Edits are now being made on BEACON to assist case managers with this process.

Effective with BEACON Build 46.2, scheduled for March 17, 2014, additional hard edits will be implemented to ensure that sanctions are fully removed and the automated sanction process continues.

Purpose of Memo
The purpose of this memo is to introduce BEACON edits designed to support staff in fully removing sanctions when the sanction is no longer applicable and to ensure that the automated sanction process continues when required.

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