Ops Memo 2014-24: Enhancements to External Agency Match Processing (Automated DOR wage/new hire and SSA SSN automated matches)


Effective with BEACON Build 46.2 scheduled for March 17, 2014, the Department will implement an automated process for data received through the Earned Income match with the Department of Revenue (DOR) and with the Social Security Number (SSN) match received from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

These automations are part of the Department’s Program Integrity Checklist which will be implemented in phases over the coming months. An introduction to the Program Integrity Checklist can be found in Operations Memo 2014-23, released concurrently with this memo.

Purpose of Memo
The purpose of this memo is to inform staff:

  • about the new automated process for DOR New Hire, DOR Wage and SSN matches;
  • introduce the new DOR Employment Verification Notice and the new SSA Verification Notice; and
  • about case manager responsibilities.
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