Ops Memo 2014-23: Program Integrity Checklist Overview


As a part of the Department’s ongoing efforts to strengthen program integrity, enhancements continue to be made to the BEACON system. Effective with BEACON Build 46.2, scheduled for March 17, 2014, the Department will begin implementing the first phase of the Program Integrity (PI) Checklist.

A main focus of the PI Checklist project is to reengineer how matches are processed in BEACON. Current processes and procedures require staff to manually review, evaluate, and verify any external data before dispositioning a match.

The PI Checklist will integrate and automate many of these steps, reducing the time necessary to process matches. In addition to providing a single location summarizing the statuses of external data sources, the PI Checklist will ensure that external data sources have been reviewed and appropriate action taken when authorizing benefits or determining ongoing eligibility.

Purpose of Memo
The purpose of this memo is to:

  • introduce the Program Integrity Checklist project;
  • advise staff of changes to the Client Search page; and
  • inform staff of upcoming enhancements.
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