Ops Memo 2013-65: Processing TAFDC or SNAP Benefits for Clients Affected by the Loss of Unemployment Compensation Benefits


The Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Program is a 100% federally funded program that provides benefits to individuals who have
exhausted regular unemployment compensation (UC) benefits. Unless Congress changes the law, EUC benefits will end as of the week ending December 28, 2013, even if the claimant is otherwise eligible for EUC benefits or has a remaining balance on a federal extension claim.

The Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) has sent letters to all claimants (Attachment A) who are receiving EUC benefits, informing them of the approaching cut-off date. As a result, case managers may receive calls from clients inquiring about benefit adjustment or from new applicants inquiring about eligibility for DTA benefits.

Purpose of Memo

The purpose of this Operations Memo is to provide TAO staff with the following information:

  • how to determine whether or not a claimant’’s EUC benefits have ended;
  • instructions about contacting DUA about discrepant data;
  • processing applications affected by the loss of EUC benefits; and
  • processing existing cases affected by the loss of EUC benefits.
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