Ops Memo 2013-61: Electronic Document Management — Release 1


In an effort to improve business processes, strengthen program integrity and improve client outcomes, DTA has partnered with EOHHS and MassHealth to implement a new system for managing applicant and client (hereafter known as clients) documents. Effective January 31, 2014, DTA will implement Electronic Document Management (EDM), Release 1. EDM will automate the flow of paper within the Department. The goal is to increase the efficiency of DTA operations by digitally copying (scanning) all documentation that clients must provide to obtain and retain benefits.

For Release 1, postal mail will be routed to the Electronic Document Management Center (EDMC) in Taunton where it will be digitally scanned, indexed and electronically routed to the appropriate TAO or Central Office Business Unit.

A new task management software product, called DTA myWorkspace will be utilized for the EDM project. This software product has been customized for DTA based on staff input. Once scanned and indexed at the EDMC, all documents will be electronically routed to the appropriate TAO or Central Office Business Unit via DTA myWorkspace.

Once all Releases of the EDM project are implemented, digital documents will replace all traditional paper documents for client case records. It is anticipated that eventual elimination of paper documents will reduce the administrative burden on DTA staff to allow for staff to spend more  time assisting clients and increase productivity both at the TAO and Central Office level.

Purpose of the Operations Memo
The purpose of this memo is to introduce the:

  • concept of EDM;
  • EDM marketing instruments; and,
  • DTA myWorkspace application.
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