Ops Memo 2013-59: BEACON 3.0 Home Page and Tools


BEACON 3.0 was implemented on June 10, 2010. BEACON 3.0 has the same practical application as BEACON 2.0 with some added capabilities.

Unlike its predecessor, BEACON 3.0 is a web-based application. A number of improvements have been made to the application, including:

  • a new Home Page;
  • new Tools to assist all users;
  • Eligibility Explorer has been replaced by the Electronic Case Folder (ECF);
  • the ESP Services workflow has been redesigned;
  • windows are called pages and have a new look and feel; and
  • many case maintenance activities are broken out as their own workflow types.

Purpose of Memo
The purpose of this Operations Memo is to introduce the BEACON 3.0 Home Page, to identify BEACON 3.0 Tools, and to advise staff that the Department no longer restricts the collection of client’s email addresses. All references regarding the restriction on collecting email addresses has been removed from the text messages section of page 5, and the clients email address section on page 8.

With BEACON 3.0 implementation, all BEACON 3.0 Tools are available to staff. Although all Tools are available for use, some Tools will not initially be used. This information can be found in the BEACON Tools section of this memo.

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