Ops Memo 2013-35: TAFDC, EAEDC and SNAP: Changes to the Immediate Needs and Expedited Screening Processes



The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) mandates that all applicants be
screened for expedited benefits. Since BEACON implementation in 2001,
screening for expedited SNAP benefits has been completed in the Request for
Assistance (RFA) workflow or on the Program Change page. Unfortunately,
once the applicant was screened, if determined ineligible for expedited
benefits, the Department had been unable to affirmatively confirm that
screening did occur.

In response to an FNS Program Access Review finding, the Department is
modifying BEACON to facilitate a streamlined process for screening each
SNAP applicant for expedited benefits. Similar BEACON changes are being
made to improve the screening process of cash applicants for Immediate

Purpose of Memo

This memo:

  • outlines BEACON changes to the RFA workflow, the Program Change page and the Pending Application view;
  • introduces a new Expedited Screening Report for all programs;
  • describes procedural changes to the screening process; and
  • includes final instructions.


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