Ops Memo 2013-33: TAFDC, EAEDC, and SNAP: Statewide Implementation of the Work Number Employment Verification Service


As of July 22, 2013 the Department will implement Equifax Workforce Solutions’ subscription employment verification service called “The Work Number” statewide.

The Work Number (www.theworknumber.com) is a fee-for-service Internetbased resource for verification of employment-related information. This website offers employment, earnings and other information services to social service agencies, other verifiers, and employees of businesses.

Employment information for over 2500 employers, currently 30% of U.S. Employers, is available through The Work Number website. Many employers, particularly large employers, now refer requests for employment information directly to The Work Number that offers three levels of service: Real-Time Look-up, Express Service and Batch Service.

Real Time Look-up: The Department will utilize The Work Number’s Real Time Look-Up Service to obtain employment records instantaneously for any applications (including Web applications), recertifications, or case maintenance activities that are processed in the TAOs on a daily basis.

Express Service: Supervisors and managers have been given access to the Work Number’s Express Service, which is an individual look up service (see Access to Express Service section of this memo).

Batch Service: an overnight check of caseloads will be utilized by the Fraud Investigations and Data Match Unit (FIDM).

Note: The information supplied by the Work Number is considered to be from a trusted source and can be used in eligibility determinations.

Purpose of Memo
The purpose of this memo is to:

  • explain the Work Number Real Time Look-Up Process;
  • explain case managers’ responsibilities in processing the employment information obtained;
  • describe how and when supervisors or managers can access The Work

Number Express Service;

  • list the steps to request and receive information from The Work Number Express Service; and
  • introduce the new “Work Number Job Aid”.

Obsolete Memo
This Operations Memo obsoletes Operations memo 2013-22: TAFDC, EAEDC, and SNAP: The Work Number Test Project.

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