Ops Memo 2013-12: SNAP: Automation of the Day-2 Procedure for Special 30-Day Expedited Cases


Federal regulations require SNAP applications to be approved or denied by day-30. Therefore, whenever a SNAP application is approved on Day-30, the benefits are issued on that day as a special 30 day expedited issuance. Since a case approved on day-30 is a special 30 day expedited issuance, on day-2 (day after the special 30 day expedited issuance), the case manager is required to assign the appropriate recertification type and extend the certification period of the case so that the household may be certified for regular monthly issuances. In the past, the certification period has not always been extended on day-2. This has caused cases to close or recertification forms to be mailed to the household in error Effective on April 1, 2013, BEACON will automate the day-2 activity for all special 30 day expedited cases.

Purpose of this Memo
This Operations Memo advises staff of the automation of the day-2 activity for special 30 day expedited cases.

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