Ops Memo 2012-54: TAFDC, EAEDC, and SNAP: Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Card Fees, Replacements and Notices – Mailing to Cli



In October, the Department sent notices to any cash and/or SNAP household
informing clients that DTA records show they had received more than four
replacement cards within the past year and explained that EBT cards can be
used continuously. The notice advised the client to call their case manager if
they felt a reasonable accommodation was needed, if they felt the card was
being used inappropriately, or to request guidance in the use of EBT cards.
The notice also explained that if the client continues to request an excessive
number of replacement cards their case will be referred for investigation. It
also informs clients that the Department will investigate and refer for
possible prosecution all claims of fraudulent or prohibited use of EBT cards
Operations Memo 2012-50 advised TAO staff about the notice and the
process to be followed when a client makes contact with the Department
about receiving the notice.

Purpose of Memo

This operations memo serves to advise TAO staff about:

  • a mailing to clients explaining the change in EBT policy; and
  • a poster to be placed in every TAO waiting room.
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