Ops Memo 2012-52: Social Security Administration (SSA) Expansion of SSNs and the Impact on NewMMIS



On June 25, 2011, the Social Security Administration (SSA) expanded the
number combinations used for the first three digits of Social Security
numbers (SSNs). As a result of this expansion, all three-digit combinations
from 001 through 899, with the exception of 666, will be used when issuing

Prior to June 25, 2011 number combinations 734 through 749, 752 through
755, and 773 through 899 had not been used for the first three digits.
As has always been the case, SSA does not use 000 or 900 through 999 for
the first three digits of SSNs.

All DTA and Department of Revenue (DOR) systems have been updated to
accept all valid three-digit combinations. However, MassHealth has not yet
made changes to the New Medicaid Management Information Systems
(NewMMIS) to accommodate the new numbers. Case managers must be
aware of this when attempting to access MassHealth information for a client.

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