Ops Memo 2012-51: SNAP - Fall 2012 Heat and Eat (H-EAT) Program Update



The Heat & Eat Program is a partnership between DTA and the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). Under this partnership, eligible SNAP households are identified and selected for the Low Income Heat and Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) twice each year, Spring and Fall. Existing SNAP households that continue to meet the H-EAT criteria are also selected and reauthorized for the H-EAT benefit.

On the weekend of October, 20, 2012, eligible SNAP households were selected for the 2012 H- EAT Fuel Assistance Program benefits.

  • Approximately 46,000 are households who received the November 2011 H-EAT Fuel Assistance Program benefit. These households are eligible for a 2012 $1.00 H-EAT benefit. However, they will not see an increase in SNAP benefits because the Heating/Cooling Standard Utility Allowance (SUA) is already on file.
  • Approximately 16,700 are newly eligible H-EAT Fuel Assistance Program households. For these households, November 2012 SNAP benefits will be recalculated using the Heating/Cooling SUA as anticipated recipients of the H-EAT Fuel Assistance Program. DHCD will enroll all households in the 2012 H-EAT Fuel Assistance Program and make a $1.00 H-EAT fuel assistance benefit available.

Purpose of Memo

This memo will:

  • review H-EAT Fuel Assistance Program criteria;
  • explain the responsibilities of DTA and DHCD;
  • discuss notices to H-EAT clients;
  • provide instructions for restoring lost SNAP benefits to H-EAT households;
  • identify and inform case managers of households who are ineligible to be reheated; and
  • describe the DHCD client brochure.

There will be minimal case manager impact since the H-EAT Fuel Assistance
Program enrollment and SNAP recalculation processes are fully automated.

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