Ops Memo 2012-38: TAFDC and EAEDC – 10-Day Pending Period Reminder


Operations Memo 2011-55A informed TAO staff about changes to the
Reevaluation process. One of these changes included a cash case closing on
the same day as the associated SNAP case if a reevaluation appointment was
not kept.

Currently, when a cash case closing is submitted for a case that failed to keep
a redetermination appointment and there is an associated SNAP case, if the
release date for the action has not passed, even if there is less than 10 days
until the release date, BEACON will attach the cash closing to the automated
SNAP closing and the client will not receive the 10-day pending period. A
BEACON change to prevent this has been planned.

Until the change has been programmed into BEACON, when closing a
TAFDC or EAEDC case for failure to keep a redetermination appointment
where there is an associated SNAP case, it is important for case managers to
ensure that there are 10 days before the BEACON release date of the SNAP
closing date before closing the cash case. If there are at least 10 days until the
BEACON release date, the closing action should be submitted. If there are
not 10 days, case managers should wait until the day after the BEACON
release date to submit the cash closing action. TAO staff will be notified
when the change has been made to BEACON.

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