Ops Memo 2012-28: DTA Income Verification Notice (Verification of the amount of SNAP, EAEDC, TAFDC and SSI State Supp)


This Operations Memo updates DTA staff about the scope of information that DTA can provide on an "Income Verification Notice." DTA issues these notices for clients who need to verify their income sources for public housing or other non-DTA programs that require documentation of DTA benefits (SNAP, EAEDC, TAFDC). DTA has added to this notice the amount of the SSI State Supplment for SSI households that receive only the SSI state supp but no federal SSI benefits (for example, SSI households with enough regular Social Security disability or retirement benefits that exceed the SSI federal benefit amount). Massachusetts is now managing the SSI state supplement for SSI households that do not qualify for the federal supplement.

This Operations Memo includes a sample notice to clients who need documentation of DTA income.

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