Ops Memo 2012-25:EAEDC – Extension and Redesignation of Somalia for Temporary Protected Status


The country of Somalia was originally designated for TPS on September 16, 1991 due to ongoing armed conflict. Since that date, DHS has both extended and redesignated Somalia for TPS several times.

Recently, DHS extended and redesignated TPS for Somalia on May 1, 2012 for an additional 18 months beginning September 18, 2012 through March 17, 2014.

This Operations Memo:

  • explains EAEDC eligibility for foreign nationals who are approved for TPS;
  • advises staff about the extension of TPS for Somalia and how it affects current Somali beneficiaries;
  • advises staff about the redesignation of Somalia for TPS effective September 18, 2012, and how certain Somali nationals currently without TPS may now apply for TPS;
  • provides information on USCIS filing fees and fee waiver requests that will benefit clients when filing USCIS applications; and
  • provides instructions for entering information in BEACON for individuals with TPS.
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