Ops Memo 2012-17: TAFDC, EAEDC and SNAP - Missing Verifications


The current EBC notice generated to an applicant/client (hereafter called client) advising that his or her case is going to be denied, closed or reduced for failure to provide verification(s) does not identify the missing verifications or the person(s) for whom the verification(s) is missing.

Identifying the missing verification(s) and the person(s) to whom the verification(s) is attributed on the EBC denial, closing and/or reduction notices:

  • will provide clients with information needed to help resolve the denial/closing/reduction; and
  • should reduce TAO traffic and/or phone calls from clients seeking explanations about outstanding verifications.

Additionally, some cash and SNAP cases are denied, closed or reduced prematurely without allowing the client sufficient time to provide verifications based on program rules.

Some SNAP cases are also inappropriately denied, closed or reduced when only optional verifications are outstanding.

These practices violate program rules, and for the SNAP program, cause negative errors.

This Operations Memo advises TAO staff about:

  • the changes to BEACON regarding missing verifications; and
  • procedures for correctly entering confirmation of returned verifications on BEACON.
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