Ops Memo 2012-04: 2012 Social Security/SSI COLA for TAFDC, EAEDC and SNAP


Effective January 2012, Social Security Benefits and federal SSI payments increased by 3.6 percent. The base level Medicare Part B Premium is set to $99.90. The Medicare Part B Penalty Premium is identified in the 2012 Medicare Part B Surcharge Premiums chart on page 5 of this memo.

This Operations Memo:

  • explains how BEACON will update clients with the 2012 Social Security/SSI COLA amounts and recalculate eligibility for the active cases containing the updated clients;
  • explains which cases listed on the Clients With RSDI and/or SSI view require case manager action;
  • and transmits procedures for case managers to update cases with discrepant 2012 Social Security/SSI COLA amounts.