Ops Memo 2011-60: SNAP-Out-of-State Accessing of SNAP Benefits


It has recently come to the attention of the Department that a number of SNAP households have been accessing their SNAP benefits electronically through Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), for over 90 days, in out-of-state locations. This is an indication that the households may no longer reside in Massachusetts.

On November 16, 2011 the Department’s Data Matching Unit (DMU) sent notices (see Attachment A) to 940 SNAP households, identified as consistently using their benefits out-of-state, requesting that they provide verification of current Massachusetts residency within ten days of the notice date. Failure to respond to the notice will result in an automatic batch closing of the SNAP household, with the reason “No longer a MA Resident.”

This memo advises TAO staff that a large number of these households will be sent closing notices during the week of December 12, 2011 and describes case manager responsibilities regarding these households.

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