Ops Memo 2011-43: SNAP - Annual Reporting Process Phase Two: The Interim Report Process


Effective September 12, 2011 the Interim Report, phase two of the Annual Reporting (AR) process (see Operations memo 2011-31: SNAP – Annual Reporting Process), has been programmed into BEACON. Beginning 45 days before the end of the sixth month of the AR period, the Interim Reports will be sent to NPA households currently on AR. Changes reported on the Interim Report (IR) must be acted on and the recalculated benefit level will be used for the remaining six months of certification; however no interview is required unless the information provided is questionable or contradictory to prior information reported by the household. These cases are subject to timely case closing. Interim reporting rules do not apply to NPA cases with an associated TAFDC or EAEDC case and a full review must be completed for these households.

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