Ops Memo 2011-36: Automating SNAP Categorical Eligiblty in BEACON (Reopening Instructions for 1 & 2 person HHS)


Note from MLRIDTA has issued this guidance to instruct DTA local office staff on how to reopen SNAP cases involving elderly/disabled one and two-person households. These households typically received Social Security (RSDI) and had income that exceeded the net income limit. As a result, BEACON (erroneously)denied the applicant the minimum $16/mo SNAP benefit payment.

Some of these 1 and 2 person households filed appeals and secured the SNAP benefits, others convinced the local DTA worker to override BEACON (which denied the benefit) and issue monthly benefit via a more complicated "work around." This guidance is follow up to Operations Memo 2011-33A. DTA should now be fixing these individual cases.