Ops Memo 2011-33A: Automating SNAP Categorical Eligiblty in BEACON (1&2 person HHs)


DTA will now provided the $16 minimum SNAP benefit to 1 and 2 person households whose net income exceeds the 100% FPL net income level but whose gross income is below 200% FPL (if elder/disabled). This $16 minimum benefit will also be provided to childless adults age 19 - 59 (and not disabled) whose net income exceeds the 100% FPL level but is under the 130% FPL gross income level. The following is a description from DTA of the new DTA policy effective July 5th.

In June 2008, the Department implemented maximized categorical eligibility SNAP households. These changes were transmitted in Field Operations 2008-27. The expansion meant that almost all SNAP NPA households be categorically-eligible barring a few exceptions, for example, households with a member disqualified due to an IPV. Two new categorically eligible groups were defined, but BEACON programming to automate the categorical eligibility determination for the new groups had not yet been implemented.

Certain eligible one and- two-person households of the new categorically eligible groups were automatically denied the minimum SNAP benefit of $16. Certain households of three or more of the new categorically-eligible groups were also automatically denied SNAP benefits instead of being at a zero benefit level.

Operations Memo 2011-33A is an updated version of the Cat El Memo and is being transmitted because a necessary clarification was made on page 2 under SNAP-Only TANF Services Adult Households to prevent confusion for the reader. All other portions of the memo remain unchanged.

Operations Memo 2011-33 is now obsolete.

(Note from MLRI: Zero benefit cases may be readily approved for SNAP if their income or expenses change during the certification period and the household reports the change. Zero benefits status is also important for school meals eligibility as these zero benefit categorically eligible SNAP households should qualify for free meals as well as utility discounts.)

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