Ops Memo 2011-12: Random Moment Sampling E-mail Survey System Reminder


Federal regulations mandate the Department to determine administrative expenses for federal and state programs allowing the Department to receive federal reimbursement for a portion of those expenses. The vehicle to comply with this mandate is the Random Moment Sampling (RMS) process. RMS is designed to scientifically determine the amount of effort spent by a group of employees on various activities.

Random Moment Sampling is NOT for the purpose of measuring work performance or attendance.

Upon initial implementation in July 1999, the RMS process was conducted through a telephone process requiring case managers to respond to telephone calls from Central Office Random Moment Sampling Coordinators. At the time, the Department felt this would be the least intrusive method available for case managers. However as technology advanced, it was decided that a web-based system would be more convenient for case managers. Therefore, on July 2, 2007, the Department implemented a web-based RMS system statewide.

This Operations Memo serves to remind TAO staff about the RMS process.

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