Ops Memo 2011-08A: Prioritizing SNAP Recertifications by Release Date


Beginning with April’s SNAP issuance, the automatic closing for failure to recertify for continuing eligibility will resume for NPA SNAP households and Pure SSI SNAP households. If the household has not been recertified by the appropriate BEACON Release Date for the next SNAP Benefit Issuance Cycle, the household will be closed automatically. Closings will occur on a cyclical basis according to the last digit of the case Social Security Number (SSN).

This memo advises supervisors and case managers of their responsibilities for prioritizing completion of recertifications and provides information about available tools to use to prioritize recertifications by the Release Date in order to process them within BEACON time frames. These tools are:

  • Actuate Reports;
  • the AU Closing and Reduction Schedule found in Actuate; and
  • the Reevaluations in Progress view.

Note: Although periodic eligibility reviews are called recertifications in SNAP, in BEACON they are called reevaluations. Both terms are used in this memo, as needed.

Obsoletes Ops Memo 2011-08.

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