Operations Bulletin 2018-1: In person Client Services


We are committed to ensuring a confidential and safe space for staff and clients to conduct  in‐person services and interviews. This Operations Bulletin reminds staff that they must offer and provide clients with the option to conduct their conversations in a private space. Clients are  entitled to this privacy and do not need to give a reason for requesting an alternative area.     

There are some clients who may be more inclined to need an alternative space, including those  discussing domestic violence concerns or disabilities. However, this consideration must be  offered to all clients regardless of their individual circumstances. Please ensure that all clients  visiting TAOs are made aware of this opportunity.     

Laminated posters containing this information in English and Spanish are being distributed to  TAOs, over the next few weeks.  Depending on the available space in your TAO, two or three  posters should be displayed in each client waiting room and the remainder should be posted in  TAO interview areas.  To view the poster’s text, use the following link:   http://dtaonline.es.govt.state.ma.us/refrence/curpol/form/17/dta‐privacy‐poster‐english.pdf    Case managers who have questions about what alternative space to use, should consult with an  office manager

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