Operations Bulletin 2015-08: Learnfare Mailing


A mailing took place on August 20th requesting that clients whose children had no school listed on the Education page on BEACON, return a Learnfare School ID Request Form by September 14, 2015. Of the approximately 10,000 forms mailed one third have been returned and entered. This Operations Bulletin informs DTA staff that no case will be closed on or after September 14, 2015 for failure to return this form. No case manager action should be taken to close these cases for failure to submit this verification. Once a client does return the Learnfare School ID Request Form and it is processed by EDMC, the forms will be marked on BEACON as available and linked to the client’s individual case to verify school enrollment. Case managers do not need to enter this information, as a match with DESE in November will provide the school attendance information required for Learnfare regulations.

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